Kgotla Workplace

We re-energize your workplace. Imagine what happens if people release their full potential to your institution?

Kgotla Square

We believe that in any workspace you are able to create a spirit. It has to do with your leadership and embracing the people. By altering the social architecture and behavior of people in the workplace as well, the process and its results can continue and develop.

Turn your entire office lay-out into a working environment that facilitates open dialogue and better decision-making.

Designed by Patrick de Louwere

Architectural Concept

The Kgotla Workplace is an architectural concept that changes the way people work and make decisions, and how they feel about work. By removing physical and emotional barriers, the new open space facilitates dialogue and collaboration. The unique form and shape, and the new ways of using space allow people to change their old habits and work in genuine collaboration with each other.

The physical architecture of Kgotla Workplace is based on healthy working environment and a space that enhances the spirit of the organisation, and reflects its identity.

Kgotla Boardroom

Kgotla Boardroomâ„¢ reinforces timely collective decision-making. The concept is simple; it is based on the values of Embracing Leadership; humanity, dignity, trust, daring and respect. It emphasises the role of the leader as a listener and introduces the hearing process of the Council of Elders.
We will work closely with your internal Facilities Manager and if necessary an architect of your preference to institutionalize the Lekgotla process in your work environment.

Designed by Patrick de Louwere

Kgotla Square launched as “Wereldplein” at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines made the decision to introduce the Kgotla Workplace to their headquarter at Schiphol Airport. this transformation was executed in dialogue with the whole organisation and led to an amazing new healthy workplaces where people can thrive and where leaders take decisions in dialogue with the people