Kgotla Intervention

We facilitate dialogue and decision making using the wisdom of your people. We start a fire, manage the fire and keep the fire burning.

What is your dream?

Together with your leadership team, we develop ‘the dream’ to inspire your people and formulate key themes and questions. Preparing the ‘soil’ for a true dialogue with all people using catalysts such as; fire, nature, rituals, spoken word, and metaphors in art to stimulate real conversations about the long term future.

  • We offer tools to navigate complex organisational issues and find out what people really think.
  • We help break down barriers that prevent change, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • We support the process of genuine dialogue with your organisation.
  • Our dialogues lead to decision-making based on mutual understanding and a vision understood and carried by all.

Mobilise Creators

No external consultants needed, we mobilise your internal volunteers, so called ‘creators’ to lead and faciliate the Kgotla Intervention. Crucial element is a neutral chief facilitator, provided bij Kgotla Comapny.

  • By making use of Metaphorical Management we make use of Intuition and Creativity as a Control Mechanism for Complex Systems.
  • The act of Being around the fire
  • You will find out what the power of art is in organizational processes and society

Kgotla Day

A highly interactive 8-hour large scale intervention enables 450 people per day to share opinions and solutions. These ideas are heard by the Chief (CEO/President) and the Council of Elders. Our fast pace Kgotla Intervention allows you to engage all stakeholders and take decisions, supported by them.

  • At a Kgotla members of the community gather to share their truths about subjects of concern with the Chief.
  • Everyone is invited and every voice counts. All voices are heard; the positive, critical, sceptical and cynical.
  • The Chief listens and becomes aware of the real issues within the organisation, as seen by the collective.
  • The result of the Kgotla is a list of decisions

Leadership Sessions

This is a good place to dispence with the myths that the leader (CEO) aught to bear total responsibility for the determining the course of the company. If you want employees and managers to feel responsible for results, than they should participate equally in decisions concerning the company’s long term strategy.

  • Trust the process. Decisions are made. The turn takes place.
  • The leadership Kgotla results in strategic alignment between different managers, units and divisions to implement the decisions from the main employee Kgotla.
Give us 20 days in 3 months, and it’s possible to hear over 4,000 people and to find sustainable solutions to organisational challenges. We are Kgotla.

Kgotla Results

Our fast-paced Kgotla process allows you to engage all employees in a dialogue, up to 450 people a day, and take decisions supported by them.
We facilitate engagement in society at times of fundamental change, such as mergers, changes in business model or when introducing new leadership. We help you access the wisdom of the crowds and find sustainable solutions to organisational challenges.
The Kgotla intervention offers a new way of resolving conflict and finding sustainable solutions from within organisations.


Get inspired by our clients

ir. Michel Ruijterman MBA

VP Business Solutions
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

MR. Ben Bijker

Algemeen Directeur
JJI De Hartelborgt

MS. Regina Riemersma MCM

Thuiszorg Het Friese Land

Prof. dr. Jaap Boonstra

Professor organization dynamics and learning

MR. Frank van der Laan

GM Business Campus
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines