Kgotla Leadership Navigator

Kgotla Leadership Tools strengthen the understanding of yourself, your leadership style and your role. Our programs enable you to visualise your dreams and prepare yourself to build a “we-driven” organisation, based on trust and respect.
The Leadership Navigator reconnects the conscious with the unconscious mind.

Universal Life

The Universal Life Cycle is a management and team development tool that aims to strenghten leadership teams by raising individual awareness. It helps you understand what drives you and your team members, and how you can best utilise individual strenghts. You will find out how your people see the company and its current challenges, and what the real issues are around identity, meaning and community.

A more confident management team that works towards common goals inspires the entire workforce.

It is important that leaders know who they are and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Our methods help the team and its leader develop self-awareness. Individuals learn about their strengths and style, and how their style affects the people they lead. Team members gain invaluable insights of each other’s personal motives and how others perceive reality. Understanding how the different strengths and talents complement each other allows the management team to operate at full strength.

What do you want to achieve for your company? What is your long term dream (goals)? Do you want more customers, a more obvious identity, to lower costs or introduce new products? By using Kgotla techniques within the management team you can quickly identify the options and develop new strategies.


Kgotla Metaphorical Management is a method of releasing creative impulses in every change process and activating collective knowledge as an inspiring network resource. Art is used in different way during Kgotla meetings. As the meeting proceeds, artists make drawing of the energies of the attendees. Art formulates a challenge or problem in an unconventional way. Whem employees make their own images in the form of paintings, art turns into iconography or a cartoon story board. Art brings the essence alive and shares the truth, thus providing important information for the chief.

Kgotla Metaphorical Management Facilitates a creative process, connecting the rational mind to the unconscious wisdom of people

Kgotla’s role is to facilitate dialogue that leads to transformation. Chief Facilitator, Martijn de Liefde, and artist Klaus Elle guide you through the process and help translate individual views into concrete ideas.

We use metaphorical management as a guiding mechanism for processing complex organisational issues.

The use of images help minimise the break- down in communication. They uncover ways of thinking and seeing, thus creating a basis for mutual understanding and trust.


Kgotla offers a nine day programme for top executives who dare to change everything, when everything is changing.

Smell, Sight, Touch, inner spirit, Sound, taste will be combined with choosing, knowing and experiencing a new life style. Through our SELFNESS process starting from dreaming, writing, thinking into a very powerful action driven process on the re-creating of self how to Dream, Dare and Do.

The process is focussing on the corporate CEO’s that are willing to change and using their influential position to make a noticeable change in their lives as well as their companies they are responsible for.
Because we believe that once you understand your identity, you can give meaning to life and work. You will then attract people around you who want to work with you and support you. Kgotla leadership is prepared to let go of the past, trust the people and use love instead of fear.

Picture: Martijn de Liefde explaining the Universal Life Cycle

Picture: Metaphorical Management session in South Africa

Picture: work in progress during a Selfness Program

Universal Life Cycle

Do you live your life in complete freedom and accountability?

Are you learning and growing from every moment and is your dominant emotion one of Joy?

If you answered yes to these questions then you are in alignment with your true self, you know who you are and where you are going.
Our Universal Life Cycle analysis provides insight into individual inner drivers, talents and pitfalls. Individuals learn about their personal strengths and style.
Team members gain invaluable insights of each other’s personal motives, mental construction, belief system and the way others perceive reality.
We look for combinations of leader- ship within teams and help leaders identify who can best help them steer the organisation to a successful future.