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ULC Leadership Navigator

ULC The Leadership Navigator - Governance without Fear

Willem de Liefde
English language, 1st Edition, 2011

Paperback, 125 pages

ISBN: 9781770097698

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African tribal leadership

African tribal leadership voor managers

Willem de Liefde
Dutch language, 2nd Edition, 2015

Hardcover, 160 pages

ISBN: 9789462760691

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Kgotla, leadership through dialogue

Lekgotla - Art of leadership through dialogue

Willem de Liefde
English language, 3rd Edition, 2011

Paperback, 118 pages

ISBN: 9781770093652

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Metaphorical Management

Metaphorical Management - Klaus Elle

Klaus Elle
English language, 1st Edition, 2011

Paperback, 240 pages

ISBN: 9789400703407

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The Ego's Echo

Ego's of Echo - Willem de Liefde

Willem de Liefde
English language, 1st Edition, 2014

Paperback, 190 pages

ISBN: 9781452594422

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Palabora LeKgotla Process

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 16.27.12

Martijn de Liefde, et al.
English language, 2012

eBook, 132 pages

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About the authors

Willem de Liefde

Picture: Jan Montyn (l) and Willem de Liefde (r)

Former navy officer and former director of companies such as Xerox, Ericsson, Rockwool. The last 15 years of his professional career he leaded Dröger Medical Systems in Benelux, France and Sub-Sahara Africa. In all senior management positions he used the Kgotla principles to transform organisations to profitable growth.

Lekgotla is an African word for a meeting circle and tribal management, on which this title is based, is founded on the African concept of Ubuntu meaning ‘I am because we exist’. In Lekgotla author Willem H.J. De Liefde champions the idea of the company as tribe. Inspired by the artwork of Jan Montyn , Willem developed the Universal Life Cycle analysis tool.

Klaus Elle

Picture: Klaus Elle (l) during a Kgotla Day

Artist and philosopher Klaus Elle was born in Leipzig, East Germany. He has worked as a professional artist for over 30 years and regularly collaborates with professors working on international sustainable programs at MIT Boston, the University of Tokyo and ETH Zürich. He plays a key role in our Lekgotla processes, helping to facilitate all kinds of dialogues thanks to his unconventional views and contagious imaginative skills. His input enables people to see how they may adopt a holistic approach. Using art he helps participants of our kgotla sessions access the wisdom they hold inside themselves by helping them become aware of the role their conscious and unconscious, and rational and emotional, processes play in their approach to decision-taking, change or their lives and work in general.

This book is a meeting of souls from Africa and Europe “ in an attempt to find common ground. It is written for family, friends, colleagues known and unknown, for those who find themselves at the crossroads of their lives, or their careers, and for those who are searching and yearning for a source of change. It is for those who are willing to dig deeper, to look beyond the surface of things. It is an invitation to all to learn from a lekgotla a continuing journey into the future, one driven by caring and commitment to common groundDr. Maki Mandela on Willem de Liefde's book 'Kgotla, leadership through dialogue'