Kgotla Institute

We provide leadership journeys for senior executives and
exclusive certification programs for affiliates.

Certified Programs

Our exclusive Certified Kgotla Chief Facilitator program provides knowledge and insight on the Kgotla programmes that Kgotla Group has developed over the past 15 years, that ensures talent development, meets strategic business objectives and essential processs and tools to excute an authentic kgotla process.

Benefits of Becoming Certified in Kgotla facilitator programmes

Use the science of thinking and behavior to transform the way teams, large groups and organisations work. Through this train-the-trainer program, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to facilitate large scale Kgotla interventions up to 5,000 people and incorporate Ubuntu and Lekgotla theory into your daily practices.

Certification is a rigorous program for experienced entrepreneurs. As a Certified Kgotla Chief Facilitator, you join our global family of experts dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organizations to realize their fullest potential.

Associates have full access to the Universal Life Cycle toolkit and all other Kgotla resources online.

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Our Programs:
  • Certified Kgotla Chief Facilitator
  • Metaphorical Artist Program
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Leadership journeys to Botswana & South Africa

Kgotla Institute uses the lessons learned in Africa to change organisations and wants to share these insights with leaders around the world.

We offer individuals the opportunity to experience Ubuntu for themselves and to explore the roots of Kgotla.

Kgotla Institute organises trips to South-Africa and Botswana.

Participating in an inspirational and awakening journey with other leaders and the ability to experience a different kind of leadership. For the Acadmy these journeys are an important platform to engage leaders on a deeper level, to ensure commitment to society development programmes and personal leadership development programmes.

In our search for tribal customs, we can study books, but more encouraging is to visit and experience
the places of importance. The Cradle of Humankind in South Africa, the Kgotla in Botswana and experience the power of nature, storytelling and rituals are catalysts for change.

Going back to your roots wil help to remember your personal dream. Join us.


  • Learning from the power of nature
  • Meeting leaders involved in the peaceful transformation of South Africa
  • Learning how to make difference back home